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Cruise ships in Vancouver, British Columbia

Here’s something a little different for my channel, a video that doesn’t feature planes! Here you can see a bit of cruise ship action taken at the Canada Place Cruise Ship Port in Vancouver, British Columbia. I decided to make this video as the ships are sailing directly through the Vancouver Harbour Water Airport! Also, you can notice a few seaplanes here and there throughout the video.

A bit of information about the ships:
MS Zuiderdam
Launched: December 14, 2001
MS Zuiderdam is a Vista class cruise ship owned and operated by Holland America Line. It is the first of the Vista class ships, so named for the extensive use of glass in their superstructure. It is sister to Oosterdam, Westerdam, and Noordam.
MS Diamond Princess
Launched: March 2004
Diamond Princess is a cruise ship owned and operated by Princess Cruises. She began operation in March 2004 and primarily cruises in Alaska during the summer and Asia in the winter along with Australia cruises.
MS The World
Launched: March 2002
The World is a cruise ship serving as a residential community owned by its residents. The residents, from about 40 different countries, live on board as the ship travels the globe—staying in most ports from 2 to 5 days.



  1. while we're preaching to the world about growing green and carbon taxing
    our own citizens we welcome these monstrous polluters with open arms
    and empty heads. I guess money trumps everything in this ass-backward,
    hypocrite system.

  2. thats nice! I really loved. S2

  3. Wow! Excellent video! *****

  4. Beautiful shots of great Cruise Liners. Liked. 🙂

  5. Cool

  6. Very nice ship video!

  7. Sweet video man, a little brake from airplanes 😀
    Great to see these giants also!

  8. Awesome.. I wanna take a ride on one of those one day 😉

  9. Un géant des mers

  10. Awesome, I love watching cruise ships, I was on then Norwegian pride of America in Hawaii in may. These ships are Amazing piece of machinery. "The World" come into PDX a few years back, it was awesome. They had to open all the bridges to their max. Great job again!

  11. Has anyone else wondered how big the simulator must be if they have one for docking xD, Great Video!!

  12. What a beauty..! Super Like..! Nice catch..!

  13. Very nice video, beautiful images of ships with mountains in background. Saludos

  14. Big steel on water, I friggin love cruise ships!! Awesome video buddy!!


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