Honeymoon Cruise

Vegan Honeymoon Day six – A lot more Epcot Adventures

We are coming to the conclude of our remain at Disney Entire world…but making the most of it in advance of our Disney cruise! Today we had a good stress-free day. We observed the next 50 percent of Epcot!

See what we ate this day:

See what we did on Day five in Animal Kingdom:

See what we did on Day seven in Magic Kingdom:

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  1. love yur channel! fellow vegan going to WDW for the first time last month i do have one question ( which i dont want to come off as rude because i dont mean it to be ) So im an ethical vegan and my question is in regards to the AK as of now my plan is to skip it but i was wondering if you have sources (or even just from your experience) have reason that its an ok park? my general rule of thumb is sanctuaries only from what iv found disney bought animals despite the state offering rescues ( idk 100% if this is true) and then there's the issue of noise and space? Again not judging just hoping you have more insight as iv not actually been

  2. I can't believe I missed the veggie chicken breast when I was there!  Oh well, just another reason to go back!

  3. What attraction ride/video was that at 10:59??

  4. I am really enjoying all your vegan honeymoon videos! I am planning on going to Epcot in July for the first time and you are giving me some great tips! Thank you so much and congrats!

  5. I didn't know you speak a bit of french 😛 Where did you learn it? 


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