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Party Paradiso – Disney Mediterranean Cruise

Party Paradiso on the inaugural Mediterranean Disney Magic Cruise. Soon after the working day at the port in Villefranche, France, this party celebrates all the great memories from the cruise. The fireworks found in this video clip had been set off by the town of Villefranche in celebration of the Disney Magic traveling to the port.



  1. oh Thank u for information

  2. @ilaha77 No, Tunisia wasn't on the itinerary for the 2007 Mediterranean cruises. I believe it is on the itinerary for the 2010 cruises.

  3. did u also go to Tunisia?

  4. i was on the disney magic transatlantic cruise(bringing home the magic 18/08/07. they couldn't do the acrobatics because it was too windy.

  5. No, this was the one from the cruise just before that. This specific party took place on June 4th during the 11 night cruise. The cruise that just ended a few days ago was the 10 night cruise.


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