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What to Wear on a Cruise Ship | Cruise Outfits Tips

What to Wear on a Cruise Ship! You can take that new cruising outfit! We give you information on what to wear on a cruise. We tell you what to wear on a formal night. There are lots of different styles and cruising outfits. We look at what cruise outfit you should take with you on your next cruise holiday.

We also, give specific tips on how to dress for a:
– Royal Caribbean Cruise
– P&O Cruise
– Celebrity Cruise
– Cunard Cruise
– Cruise and Maritime Cruise

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There’s a range of dress codes and level of formality per cruise line, event and venues. Therefore, what to wear during your cruise is definitely something you should take into consideration before picking which cruise line to sail with.

You might be going to a hot destination so, you will need to pack shorts or a thin skirt. Or you might be going to a cold destination so, you’ll need to pack warm clothing. There’s also, the chance you’ll be on a longer cruise with multiple formal nights, where you’ll need a tuxedo or smart dress. However, you might be on a cruise ship that isn’t very formal so, you won’t need to. You might be cruising with children and want to know how to dress your child? We’ve tried to compile everything in this short video!

You shouldn’t wear shorts, vests or flip flops in the dining room after 6pm. Also, if you are wet don’t go inside.

Your cruise may be in a hot location but, always back a cardigan as inside it can get a bit nippy. This is because, the air con might be on!

Think about what to wear for days you’ll go ashore when in countries where they have a different culture/ religious belief. It might be appropriate to cover parts of the body with a scarf or shawl.

You might be walking a bit/ travelling a variety of terrains. So, remember to pack sensible footwear and shoes. You might need trainers while out and some smart heels for the evening.

Make sure to check what theme nights will be taking place on your cruise. There could be a wide range of fancy dress, black and white nights, Hawaiian nights etc.

What to wear on a Cunard cruise – 02:45

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Hopefully this helped you get some fashion tips and improve what to wear on a cruise ship. If you would like any other Cruising Fashion Tips or you have specific cruise outfit ideas let us… and everyone else who watched this video know in the comment section.

We give you tips for what to wear on: a Royal Caribbean Cruise, a P&O Cruise, a Celebrity Cruise, a Cunard Cruise and a Cruise & Maritime Cruise.

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  1. What are your cruise fashion tips? What can't you go on holiday without? What do you wear?

  2. Well I know exactly what to wear on a cruise a life vest and some flippers

  3. I love Cunard. It’s one of the best examples of beauty from people’s attire to interiors. The best thing is the company and the interiors carry a lot of history. The interiors are based off an majestic Ocean Liners. They company itself also had quite the history from 1840 to present.

  4. I think using the dining room should beckon each cruiser to bring back CLASS and if you don’t bring it, someone should usher you to the buffet! The reality is, if others took the time to celebrate and dress for dinner, you should too if you are to partake!

  5. I'm going on a cruise in 2020 on the Marco Polo to South of Norway and I'll be buggered if I'm buying formal ware just to ware it the once on the cruise. It will be nice black dress trouser and a pretty sequin top. An Norway 1 star… Thank you this was really helpful xxx

  6. Great! Very necessary information. Thanks… ❤😇

  7. Thanks for the video. I loved Sea Dreams dress code. Here it is, in it's entirety, as presented by the cruise director on the first evening. "Men: After 1800 (6PM) long pants and closed toed shoes yacht wide. Women: Women know how to dress" I guess that some sort of shirt was understood for the men. 🙂 It was a great transatlantic!


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