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Virgin Voyages' New Cruise Ships

Virgin Voyages, Richard Branson’s new cruise line, has unveiled plans for its first of three ships.

This one, which will set sail from Miami to the Caribbean in 2020, is an adult-only ship that’s designed to attract people who have never been on a cruise before.

Cruising is the fastest-growing segment of the vacation industry, according to the Cruise Line Association. In 2018, 27.2 million passengers are expected to take a cruise, compared with 25.8 million last year, the group said. However, since only 3 percent of people in North America have been on a cruise, there is a lot of room for growth.

All told, Virgin plans to invest $2.5 billion in building the three ships.

The first features a futuristic lounge, private VIP deck, laboratory-themed restaurant and a rooftop terrace that claims to have the largest daybed at sea.

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Virgin Voyages’ New Cruise Ships | CNBC



  1. Todays ships are much much larger and offer incredible amenities. This is extremely limited. A day late and a dime short. He's banking on his brand to pull people on board.
    People don't care about test kitchens. They dont want to spend precious vacation time cooking meals on a boat. WTF! Sounds like the decor will be the focus with high packaged price tags to board the ship! No WOW factor here! Red Paint and the VIRGIN LOGO ! Woop-De-Doo!

  2. looks like a rehab ship

  3. Not that Americans care, but it's Sir Richard Branson.

  4. It's a world of free markets, but sometimes I think we go overboard with luxuries. In a world where a significant amount of people are homeless, go to bed hungry, etc, stuff like this for a privileged few seems like a waste of resources that could be used to better the lives of the poor globally.

  5. Nothing innovative here. A bit late on the scene. Branson is a part investor and once again lending his branding. Adult only – how long will that last? The ships are not big enough so can't really have too many amenities. Sorry not impressed.

  6. It’s amazing.

  7. Everyone has to have a Odyssey – token of in portfolio! If you have no money, take part in free airdrop

  8. A floating pedo island.
    Perfect for his buddies Weinstein, Epstein, Clinton and Obama!!

  9. Hi god bless you



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