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The Executive Sous Chef | Crew 360°

From job seeker to supervisor, in this episode of Crew 360°, we hear one man’s transformative journey with Royal Caribbean.

Ansel Davis came to Royal Caribbean looking for a job. What he found was a career. With great passion – and personality to match – he’s worked his way up to become an Executive Sous Chef overseeing the culinary process aboard Harmony of the Seas. Tag along and join us for a glimpse into Chef Davis’ daily life – in full 360°.

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  1. We shall be embarking on this wonderful ship in 2 weeks (11/3/2019) and I really hope to meet this Chef. Yeah!!!!

  2. It is always a joy to see someone who truly loves what they do – and it shows! I hope to embark on Harmony one day!!

  3. It disheartens me to see our various cultures denigrate our multi-cultural societies offering advancement within the career market. WE, the People, are one race, with one desire for themselves, their future, their relationships, and families. TY Royal Caribbean for providing EVERYONE their opportunities for living their dreams.

  4. Look's like he has a dream job.


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