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Melbourne Australia and Cruise to New Zealand – A Holiday Cut Short Due to COVID 19 on Princess

My wife and I plan and go on long vacations every 5 years. This trip was a dream I’ve had since I was in about 6th grade and did a book report on the Kuala. The trip was going well until about the 4th day into our cruise. The ship was turned around and we spent the rest of our vacation quarantined in our hotel room. The Jasper hotel treated us very nice and we appreciated the room upgrade. Princess cruise also was awesome and we hope our refunds and reimbursements go through. Overall we had a good time and enjoyed what we did get to see. I hope you enjoy this video. Please like, comment, and share. #Coronavirus #COVID-19 #epicadventure

Camera: Sony a6300
Microphone: Yeti Blue Mic
Software: Imovie



  1. Your cruise looked awesome Todd. That bus driver has some skills 🤢lol. The rock formations on the beach were incredible. I hope you guys get to finish what you started soon. Take care and welcome back.👍.

  2. Beautiful view

  3. awesome video keep it up dude


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