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Not All Cruises Are Getting Cheaper

Not All Cruises Are Getting Cheaper. While the cruise industry is trying to cope with the world situation some people assume that prices will be lower when all this is over. This may not be true and prices may go up. Here’s why.
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  1. My canceled cruise is now $700 more expensive. Thanks carnival.

  2. Hey Don, where on Princesses site are the FCC located? I've looked on my account and am not seeing it.

  3. So appreciative of your frequent updates…. Great videos

  4. Good coverage and thanks for the information. However, in opinion, if I'm understanding this. Yes, it's software-based in regards to prices and not people. But can't the people that programmed the software edit a programing code to a lower the percentage adjustment due to "supply and demand" for a limited time to help in these difficult times.

    P.S. of course not leak such adjustment to the public, keep it tight in house. Then after a certain number of a customer base is reached and/or financial point is reached restore the default percentage for "supply and demand".

  5. We only book "free" cruises and only Junior Suites or higher, but we get offers every week….through the casino. Don't worry about booking cruises unless you are planning to cruise at least 6 mo. from now or later.

  6. Thanks

  7. Price gauging will have me sitting at home finding other ways to vacay while i wait that out. So they can if they want i know i wont b the only 1 not cruising.

  8. Carnival will be fine. Start buying more stock. It will skyrocket in a few weeks.

  9. Love the vids

  10. Now idk when people are looking to book but certain months are always higher than others. Usually the summer cruises cost significantly more than spring/fall for instance. Also if you're looking at next year they usually tend to be a little more too because they expect their costs to rise. So these are variables to consider, however if the prices are being raised by a larger margin than normal that is not acceptable at all!

  11. Kind of hard to price gouge when there is no demand

  12. If you want to sail on a floating petri dish go for it. I think you are funny Don. You used to complain about people being nasty at the buffet on a cruise. Those same nasty people who could be infected wouldn't think twice about cruising. And that's a potential death sentence

  13. Airlines exactly the same. Wanted to reschedule a flight and transatlantic crossing from June until later in the year – flights I’m going to get a £250 pp travel voucher for are now £1500 pp so I’ll just have to write that money off 😞

  14. Cruise ships and airplanes are getting cheaper. But I personally wouldn't even think about getting on a cruise ship or an airplane even if it was for free!

  15. Cruise days are over my friend , unless it's your boat.

  16. Great advice!

  17. I really don't care about any cruise…but I feel sorry for those that do. Enjoy the petrie dish you walk into

  18. Hello again…

    Recently sent following as email to the WHO.

    Not sure if it will get to right people, but if anyone thinks what I propose might be useful to fight the Covid, to please forward copy or refer this comment to someone that might be in a position to forward it further up the line.

    Keep well….



    Princess Cruises recently announced that they could make ships available for use as hospitals that can care for non-virus patients in order to take some of load off of existing hospitals.

    I can sympathize with cruise lines for having reasons for not allowing Covid cases on their ships, including keeping their existing crew and staff together, healthy and ready to go back into cruise service.

    Would be more efficient, however, to utilize cruise ships that are dedicated to Covid cases only, since they would only require equipment and supplies normally expected to be used for carrying for and treating flu victims.


    I can imagine that there are ships available that are recently retired, waiting for new owners, or destined to be dismantled.

    Many of these are probably still serviceable from their last day of operation and may still be equipped with plenty of hotel supplies, linens, equipment, etc., just waiting for a crew and hotel staff to return.

    Suggest recruit cruise companies to look for such ships, inspect them for readiness, and send some of their personnel who are otherwise idled to help get these ships online and ready to be moved.

    It won’t be long now until there are a large number of corona survivors that cannot infect others and are naturally immune to further infection.

    There should be a number of survivors that have skills necessary to run a ship, staff hotel services, and be trained to care tor Covid patients.

    A small number of Professional medical staff would also be present 24 hours to respond to emergency situations. If any of these professionals not yet attained survivor status would be in hazmat gear and PPP while on board.

    These ships can be deployed anywhere in world where needed and adequate port facilities exist.

    After the crises ends some of these ships can be mothballed, everything intact and maintained such that they can be put back into service when needed. The United States has had experience with that sort of thing and can assist with mothball procedures and perhaps provide secure moorage and upkeep.

    As larger, newer and more modern cruise ships become available in the coming decades, some could be converted to replace older ships in mothballs.

    With support from the WHO, UN, various countries, and perhaps even those in the cruise and airline business that are so vulnerable to effects of future pandemic, a significant fleet of ‘virus ships’ could be maintained in perpetuity.

    Hope that the idea of self contained, portable cruise ship hospitals can be of use to fight present war on COVID-19 and future pandemics.



    (And stay healthy….)

  19. This “pandemic” will not stop me from cruising, especially on Princess!

  20. We changed from a 125% to a refund because the replacement cruise was almost double for the same cabin and number of days to the same place. Have one cruised booked for October on Azamara, so hoping we get to go. After that one we are going to change to land trips due to prices.

  21. Port Canaveral has two anchored off shore and 6 in port.

  22. Listen to Cruise Radio and an economic report was sighted that the cruise industry has a $52 Billion effect on the US economy. Thousand of people int the industry. That is no small peanuts. We need it to return soon and with abandon.

  23. Rccl canceled my May 2 out of Barcelona. Itinerary doesn’t repeat so hope I can get on another one sooner rather than later

  24. what is this talk about congress passing a stimulus bill that benefits many corporations connected to the travel agency?? If that is true then no price increase is warranted.

  25. 3/21/2020: A sick crew member was removed from Grand Princess by US Coast Guard medevac. The out of revenue service ship is still polluting San Francisco Bay. So far, nasty Grand has produced 28 confirmed coronavirus cases and 1 death.

    Reportedly, half of the 1,100 crew are still on board with a medical staff of 75. The sick crewman was taken to Point Reyes in Marin County for transport to an unknown medical facility. No details on his condition.
    Travis AFB in Solano County is quarantining other Americans from the ship.

    So far, at least 3 Bay Area counties have been exposed to the sick Grand Princess crewman: Alameda, San Francisco and Marin. If he's sent to Travis, Solano will be #4. As of 3/21, those four counties are already dealing with 206 confirmed coronavirus cases, plus a shipload of US quarantines. More trouble they don't need.

    No official information has been released about Grand's current status. However, at least 19 of her crew tested positive. Sounds to me like a hospital ship for remaining Princess crew was sneaked into San Francisco from Oakland on a dark Sunday night. Why else would a medical staff of 75 be on board?! Where did they come from in the midst of a dire shortage of medical personnel?! Hospitals are begging for doctors, nurses, equipment and test kits nationwide.

    I hope Princess is reimbursing affected Governments for all of the expensive services their seven contaminated ships have caused. Taxpayers shouldn't be stuck with huge bills for the cruise line's criminal negligence.

    Princess has been transferring untested, infected crew from Diamond all over their fleet. Diamond's human toll to date is 712 confirmed coronavirus cases and 8 deaths. Of that group, 49 are Americans, including 1 dead Californian who also sailed on Grand Princess. All of that in just the past month or so.

    New York passengers:
    Confirmed Princess virus cases: 67.
    Diamond Princess: 46.
    Grand Princess: 21.

  26. I don't 100% back and a free cruise, just stop nickel and dime us.

    I am more then willing to pay full price and a little more, just include basic WiFi and say $200 ship board credit (we know it does not cost the cruise line that much, I buy a can of coke at home for $0.24 but the cruise ship sells it for $2.25 for example).

    Also if there are food servers, chocolates on my bed, towel animals, you know the little extras, they all cost time and money, bring them back and don't be surprised if I book more cruises than ever.

    I was already looking at the luxury cruises because they included so much in the base price, and I was finding the extra charges from the "lower cost" lines are really starting to add up lately.

    Years ago I would cruise Carnival, NCL and Royal for less than a $1000 for a week and spend less than $500 in extras, sometimes a lot less. Today, most good one week cruises will set me back $1500-$2000 and the extras can easily can raise the price to $3000.

    $3500 will just get me on a luxury cruise, but most of the extras I am interested are included, plus they go to ports I have not been to.

  27. I disagree. They are intentionally doing it. Carnival changed price structure and now to get the cheapest (and you don't get to pick your cabin now) you have to pay in full now.

  28. Where is the subtitles?😔

  29. Cancelled our world cruise for 2021. Looked back at that same cruise, its up $2000 but now you get drink package, free tips, and free wifi! So actually its down in price.

  30. Been watching NCL, I'm a little tired of their 30% off deals because they mark the cruises up 40%-50% to show and give us 30%.

  31. Thank you Don! 🙏❤️🙏

  32. Noooo….I have a cruise set up in September and December. Don…thank you so much for your great advise!

  33. Personally i will never go on a cruise again. i didn't really enjoy the one i did go on last year- but no never again

  34. Its terrible , I had a great deal for Norwegian Sun on March 13th , I can't find anything close to the deal I originally had before that one cancelled. This would have been my first cruise with Norwegian, so far not a good experience.

  35. Canceling?!hahaha. I just made my our final payment . 96 days!!!!! all I want is to get on that ship and a cold adult beverages . Stay strong folks


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