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USA: Passengers of COVID-stricken cruise ship set to disembark in Miami

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The fate of the passengers on the Coral Princess cruise ship remained unclear on Sunday after the ship docked in Miami carrying at least 12 people infected and two dead from COVID-19 on Saturday.

Passengers could be seen looking out from the deck of the cruise ship, while disembarkation is expected to span several days.

The Coral Princess began its journey on March 5 in Chile and was supposed to arrive on March 19 in Argentina, but remained at sea for days as it was denied entry in different ports due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Around 1,898 people are on board, including 1,020 passengers and 878 crew members.

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  1. It's a rusting hull at this point

  2. These ships claim out of the USA tax status..And pay much less in taxes..But now that the US GOV'T is bailing out that industry because of " the virus" they all have thier hands out for some of that BIG US GOVT BAIL-OUT CA$H….FLOATING HIPPOCRATIC TAX DODGERS….

  3. 'Princess' is becoming an ugly word.

  4. great video you deserve more views


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