Mediterranean Cruises

A Special Invitation from Jean-Charles Boisset – Mediterranean wine cruise from Barcelona to Rome

We are thrilled to invite you on the ultimate wine journey – a luxurious Mediterranean wine cruise from Barcelona to Rome with our friends from Sonoma Magazine. Featuring wines picked from my personal cellar, we will traverse the world of wine, exploring together the finest wines of California, Burgundy and the South of France all while sailing around one of the most gorgeous and historical regions in the world.

Our tantalizing 10 day journey will take place aboard one of the most sophisticated and elegant ships to sail the Mediterranean – the Oceania Riviera – and will include an extravagant welcome reception, in-depth wine tastings from our estates around the world and an exclusive winemaker dinner where we will do a comparative tasting of California and Burgundy expertly paired alongside remarkable cuisine crafted by the Riviera’s award winning culinary team.


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