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P&O Oceana | Complete Cruise Ship Tour

P&O Oceana | Complete Cruise Ship Tour. Explore this lovely ship with me – the open decks, bars, lounges, entertainment zones, restaurants and my inside cabin L330 – as I sail from Southampton, UK, to Hamburg and Rotterdam. Sunny conditions, stormy seas, food porn and even appearances from Paul & Carole Love to Travel and members of the P&O Cruises – UK Fan Page. Don’t forget to like / sub and follow me on IG / twitter / wordpress @travelblogjamie. #pandocruises #cruiseship #thisisthelife



  1. Enjoyed your ship tour video.

    Your musical introduction is great, made me think that I was at a cruise ship disco πŸ˜†. Perfect music for what you were showing.

    I thoroughly loved the people playing shuffleboard on a wet deck- those are my heroes.

    Nice evening reading in your cabin πŸ˜†

    Poached eggs looked 😎

    Glad you had American southern fried πŸ“, except for that British part where you put mayonnaise on your 🍟 🀒 πŸ˜†

  2. Hi Jamie, were you on ship when covid19 was on? What differences was there? Keen to hear what you saw/ felt in terms of atmosphere on ship and health measures. Thanks.

  3. Is it quiet because of the virus?

  4. Fantastic video Jamie… ship looks empty but wonderful… am (hopefully) on Ventura middle of May !!! Videography superb… you were brave with shots over the side of the rail !!! Thank you for sharing

  5. Are you booked on the new ship Iona anytime??

  6. Loved it, bought back such great memories. Your videography skills are superb, shows the ship really well. Loved all the cameos too! 😍😍 Looking forward to Rotterdam!


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