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Miami Boat Show 2020. The company owner shows us the 3+million 2020 Serenity all-solar 64 cat.

Amature video captures the Serenity 64 100% solar electric capable power yacht. Crafted in all carbon fiber and built in Hungary, I got an amazing tour by the owner of the company himself!



  1. So I LOVE the idea of a solar yacht that can go basically indefinitely.

    That being said, I feel like there's something shady here. He says that they are generating "more than 15 kW in an hour". Right now the most efficient solar panels that you can buy without having nation levels of money generate 220 watts per square meter (at standard direct sunlight, not counting for very high insolation that only happens at specific latitudes and only for an hour or two per day, during specific weeks of the year). And that's using panels that have only even been available for a year.

    Further, on their site they state that they are generating 240 watts per square meter (which is where that "over 15kW" comment probably came from) Except that would 2% more efficient than the most efficient panels you can buy. Heck, even the $1500 per watt panels that NASA uses would probably struggle to produce that if they were at ground level.

    I mean, I don't think they're trying to scam anyone, or even that the thing can't sail indefinitely. I 100% believe that boat can do that, but I also think he's being dishonest to sell the thing. I mean the "Running the AC so we don't overcharge the batteries" comment is a great example. If they are using Rimac tech, then that won't happen. Their batteries are very very smart and very very well protected. Maybe they have separate house batteries using a different tech. Except that preventing overcharge is something that anyone with even the tiniest bit of understanding of these things hasn't had a problem with for a very long time. Also, yeah, of course you can run the AC constantly when not running the motors. Those motors are going to be 90% of the power consumption on the boat when you're running them, unless they are absolutely tiny. A 25 ton boat needs about 700 hp to hit 9 knots, so they can't be tiny motors.

    Honestly, I think I would prefer silent yachts over these, because I really hate deceptive marketing. Just be honest about these things. We need more solar yachts, and lying about things isn't going to help things along.

  2. What I'd like to know is the normal day, you've headed out to an island or something for a couple of days rest, how well does the solar work. A/C, probably a computer or so, lights, fridge, kitchen, etc all that normal use.

  3. Sunreef has you guys beat all day long!!!

  4. 🤔🤨 If they have to turn on the air conditioning just to avoid over charging the batteries that just means that they have terrible battery management systems.

  5. "Good sun, good sea conditions". I know there's a lot of factors to "perfect conditions" for any maritime vessel, especially a solar catamaran. This one particularly. The first one to cross the Atlantic burned through 1300 Liters of diesel in the first week. I think the information given is a little disingenuous at 1:06 and I consider myself a fan of Silent Yacht.

  6. Would be nice to have some contact information on the owner of the company if someone wanted to purchase a boat

  7. Thanks for covering this boat. Very few seem to have uploaded videos of it.

    The reason the roof of the fly ridge lowers is for power. A small amount of shade cuts a solar panel output in half. They are very sensitive. So really if you want to run solar you keep the fly bridge down so it’s not shading %60 of your panels and cutting %90 of your power. That’s far more if an issue than windage.


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