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Thrown Overboard or Cruise Line Cover Up? – Rebecca Corium – MurderMystery&Makeup| Bailey Sarian

Thrown Overboard or did she jump? Cruise Line Cover Up – Rebecca Corium – MurderMystery&Makeup| Bailey Sarian

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HELLO Friends !
Hope your Monday is off to a good start. I wanted to talk today about Rebecca Corium and her disappearance. The story is odd, you never get straight answers and ONCE AGAIN a big company just ignores and shuts down requests from the family to further investigate.
There are also many other reports of what was heard/seen but its hard to verify what is true or just rumors. There was also a flip flop found that Disney said belonged to Rebecca but was later proven to not be hers. I didn’t mention that part because, it was just another distraction set up by the company.
I hope Rebeccas family has found some sort of peace or can find their peace and closure, we all deserve that and its so confusing to me why this happens.
Love and appreciate you guys so much, I hope you have a good day and let me know who you want me to talk about next Monday.
x o
Bailey Sarian

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  1. I personally worked on the Wonder and trust me. This sounds super suspish. I once overslept and security knew. So believe me they know EXACTLY what happened to her! Cameras are EVERYWHERE. Crew pool is on deck 5. Picture a wave 5 stories high washing her alone over board. Nuh uh! It would have taken the entire ship with it. Running deck on deck 4…. I ran there ALL THE TIME. Not possible to accidentally fall over. Its a high railing. Even if someone fell overboard. There is safety equipment that knows if even a piece of paper goes overboard far less for an entire body. Something does not add up….

  2. Can you please do the Azaria Chamberlain story from Australia?

  3. Can you make a video of all your tattoos and the meaning of them?

  4. Depends on how high up you were, but I feel like in most cases if you jumped off a ship you’d be okay. Although they used to have badly designed life jackets that would snap people’s necks when they hit the water…

  5. I've been on a ton of cruises and it's pretty hard to just fall off, yous have to be sitting on the railing or messing around. unless it's a monsoon or something. Most disappearing people were pushed off by their husband/wife and not reported right away which is why they are never found. There are tons of cases where crew have fallen over with a storm and are found by coastguard or immediately brought back to the ship. Cruise ships are the big brother of the sea. Nothing but cabins, bathrooms and private balconys are not being watched. The cameras can even listen in to conversations. I dont believe one bit that this poor girl fell over.

  6. my theory: Tracy pushed her and was covering it up and that’s why she took so long to come out with that story. AND she works there so she knows where the blind spots are 🤯

  7. I'm from Chester lived on the same street as her family and I remember this well, the family we're in peices wish they would of found out what happened 😪

  8. It's hard for me to believe that Disney would help protect two black people. I don't think Tracie did it.

  9. lol I'm so glad you didn't stick with that theme song…lol. I love your stream. thanks for "showing up"

  10. i got caugt off guard when she didnt go "shana sha sha shana sha shana sha sha shana shaaaa"

  11. You should do a video on pearl pinson! She was a 15 year old girl that was abducted in 2016 at gun point while waiting for the bus for school. Her case is def suspish!!!!

  12. I bet they were sleeping with the captain and he threw her overboard. Lol im too suspicious of everything lol

  13. Please look up Dulce Alvarez and get her face out there. 🙁 she was 5 when she was kidnapped

  14. I love your videos! I found this on Facebook and was instantly interested. I recommended it to all my friends.

  15. it also is very controversial any company would be doing that but the investigation must have been more thorough my very biased opinion

  16. i was on the bahamas cruise ship and ahah no bailey people don't just fall off…unless they tried. tried really hard to deliberately fall…suspishh

  17. when i heard disney i got hyped 10000x more times bc disney is everything

  18. Bailey, there is a case of a missing woman here in the Upper Pennisula. She has yet to be found. So much evidence but non ever verified, even tho her boyfriend is the strongest suspect. Would love for you to research the mystery. Let me know.

  19. Why didn't Tracey come forward sooner? 🤔

  20. There was a time when the railings on the the Disney cruise ships and Carnival cruise ships were really low and the bars were spaced far apart. It was one of the reasons why my mom never chose them for a cruise because she didn't want to take the risk.

  21. I mean i think letting the family in the side door isn't that odd. I used to work at a pet store that had a vet in the back and when dogs where being put down we would let the family's in through the truck dock and through the stock room and into a side door that led directly to the vet's back room so that they didn't have to walk through a store full of happy people with their pets while in such a fragile emotional state. And I'd imagine walking through a cruise ship of happy people and their families would just be an inconsiderate thing to have them do

  22. I have been on a few cruises.They are like giant floating cities, usually 15-18 actual stories high! I believe it would be impossible, barring a tsunami, for anyone to accidentally fall off a ship, or get washed overboard. Just not possible, unless you either wanted to die, or someone else wanted you to die.

  23. me, remembering the time my mom fell overboard the Queen Mary because she just wanted to sit on the side of the deck and enjoy the breeze like she wasn’t 5 stories above the water.

  24. I’ve been on many cruises as a child n no it’s not easy to fall overboard. There is a railing all around the ship. Unless you’re pushed or taken off the ship at the stops.

    N when I went on these cruises I was a baby child n there were BIG waves n I’m still here…

  25. Wow – this makeup look definitely gives you a strong likeness to Jessica Simpson. Just an observation 🙂 Great mystery.

  26. thanks for getting the gilligan's island theme stuck in my head sis.

  27. I hear that a lot of Shady stuff go on with the crew on Cruise ships. That's why I've never been on one.

  28. Hey Bailey, Love your videos and makeup tutorials. You're beautiful girl. Hey, Could you look into doing the story about China and Blake Ditkus.

  29. I love Sarcasm too…lol xoxoxoxo


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