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EP 10:കേരള to മാലിദ്വീപ് യാത്രയിൽ ഞാൻ എത്ര പൈസ മൊത്തം ചിലവാക്കി | Honeymoon, family and Solo tips

About This Video:

How much money i spent for 3Nights 4Days stay in Maldives if i travel from Kochi, Kerala ? How much does it cost from travel Kochi to Maldives ?
Is Maldives expensive ?

This video is the answer for all aforementioned question.

1. Passport and Visa for Maldives :

• Indians does not require a visa to enter Maldives – 90 days visa on arrival for Indians.
• There is completely no money you have to pay at Maldives immigration !
• Does any security money (show money )asked at Maldives immigration ? – no show money required , but it’s better to keep some us dollars.

2.Flight booking: from Kochi to Maldives

• What is the cheapest way to travel to Maldives from Kochi ? – indigo flight would be cheap

3.Hotel Tickets:

• How much does it cost for accommodation in Maldives ?
• How to find cheap stay in Maldives , I will sharing this details in my video.

4.Water sports in Maldives :

• How much for snorkeling and scuba diving in Maldives ?

5.Food and water sports equipment’s:

• Is food expensive in Maldives ?

6. Transportation :

• How much it cost for public ferry and speed boats in Maldives ?

Planning your transportation is very important in your Maldives trip, otherwise it would lead unwanted spending’s
What is the rate for Speed boats, public ferry , bus and tax , would be discussing in this video.

7. Souvenirs and Gifts :

• What souvenirs we can buy from Maldives ?. In this video I am showing what I have bought from Maldives.

8. Maldives night life ?

Since Maldives is a 100% Muslim country night pub culture is restricted except in private in islands

9. Best islands for honeymoon couples ?

I would prefer a day stay in public island , and one day in private island and one day in Male capital .

People from Kerala and Tamil Nadu have historically been in close contact with the Maldives.
Also cheaper flight ticket rates and visa on arrival facility made going to Maldives easy in search of job.
There is a Maldives language(Dhivehi) speaking community in minicoy island Lakshadweep Kerala. So many youngsters from this island easily end up jobs in Maldives. I have been contacted by few youths from Kerala where they are planning
to go Maldives for employment.

Important information:
India and Maldives government decided to start ferry service between Kochi(India) and Male(Maldives). So soon people can travel to Maldives in cruise.

Maldives is a perfect place for 2019 holiday destination !

Who all famous celebrities visited Cambodia ?

1. Atlee with wife
2. Jaya Surya with family
3. Mohanlal

I am very happy to see people liked this video ! So much excited to see in comments section people are chatting each other and helping each to find better opportunities and jobs ( teaching jobs in Maldives ) . hope this video will be helpful to more people

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