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Wakeboarder Ignore Watercop Strict Trespassing Warning! | Miami Water Cops | Full Episode

Crime, security, wildlife. Policing the waters of Florida with law enforcement, wildlife protection squads, and guns for hire. Four guys bidding to make it as marine security agents. Sit back and hold tight because today, we’re on board with the Miami water cops.

Miami Water Cops, Episode 5

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  1. What a joke.
    Illegally anchored boats get 60 days before their towed out and if your skiing in a no trespassing area you get a dozen warnings and your never arrested or your boat impounded.

  2. WD40 on a weapon. Dudes a rookie. No real cop puts that cap on guns. Break free is probably the best

  3. You call it the bung hole. Duh.

  4. What year was this show filmed? Late 2000's

  5. Instead of the no trespass signs why not just put up "boat at your own risk" signs… works pretty much everywhere else lol

  6. VALLEYARM DIGITAL, TVF: Your YouTube channel link goes to "Oops" page.

  7. What a COOL series! Thank you for putting it up!


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