Honeymoon Cruise

EMOTIONAL DISNEY VLOG | The Honeymoon We Never Had! | Nat + Wes

Welcome to our February monthly vlog! For our family, this month was half horrible sickness half amazing fun! In this vlog we’re sharing the highlights from the incredible Disneyworld Land and Sea vacation we took as well as our day when we returned home to our kids!

Thanks so much to the amazing team at Disney for inviting us to the Creator’s Celebration and for providing accomodations and park passes! It was a blessing to be #hosted for this trip, which we consider to be the honeymoon we never had!

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We are Nat and Wes: Mom and Dad to twin kindergarten-age boys, Liam and Judah and our toddler girl Hailey Wren. We love vlogging about family, love, faith and the many adventures these bring us through! We LOVE our subscribers (#resties!) and value each and every one of you! Thanks for tuning in! While you’re here, subscribe and check out our other videos!

In This Vlog:
Hailey is 2.5 years old.
Liam and Judah are 5 years old.
Natalie and Weston have been married for 7 years!

“Children Of Summer” By Courses
“My O My” By Cospe
“I’m On My Way Now” by Loving Caliber
“Bahama Breeze” By Sarah, The Instrumentalist
“In The Shades” By Pastis
“Homesick” By Loving Caliber

♫Music From Epidemic Sound

♫INTRO THEME composed by Natalie Bennett Arranged and recorded by Sarah Howell.
♫ OUTRO THEME composed and recorded by Sarah Howell.
♫ ENDSLATE THEME: “My O My” By Cospe

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THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO. While we were hosted by Disney for this trip, we were not paid nor were we under any obligation to share our experience.



  1. How cute were all of your outfits!!😍

  2. Hi Natalie and family! I’m watching this pretty late, however, I just wanted to say I’m so glad you were able to safely go on this trip before Covid lockdown went down. God is good and you both very much deserved this honeymoon you never had! So enjoyed watching this. My husband and I actually had our honeymoon at Disneyworld as well, 10 years ago. To this day, it is our all-time favorite trip!!! Anyway, sending love and blessings your way, and thank you for sharing this trip with us!

  3. I’m only watching this for the first time since it was uploaded. I can tell you I am 100% jealous that you not only got on Seven Dwarves Mine Train but you got fast passes for it too!! 😮 I’ve been to WDW twice since the ride came out and I’ve still not been on it. I never managed to get fast passes and the queues were like 3-4 hours every day. Maybe if I managed to get back in 2022 then I’ll be able to ride it. It was the same for Slinky Dog Dash too 🙈💕

  4. So glad you were able to take this trip together! Disney as adults is so amazing!

  5. Finally get to catch up on the latest vlogs!
    Thank you for sharing this. It brought back great memories of when my family and I went to Disney Land in 2017. We’re from Australia and haven’t always been financially stable, but in 2017 we were lucky enough to get the opportunity to go to America, and our first time overseas. It was a fantastic experience, and now watching you guys at Disney World is giving me more reason to be grateful that we were able to do something similar despite being across the world. ❤️

  6. Nat! I miss ur vlogs! Where did u purchase ur sunglasses? I love them. Also when u need things to vlog about can u vlog abt cutting ur boys hair? I need some simple tips!
    Thanks ❤

  7. Glad you guys got to go before they shut down!
    I live in Missouri and my mom lives in Oregon, and shes supposed to fly out for a visit next week.. we had plans to go to a soccer match (canceled) and she wanted to go to a cathedral we have in Kansas City (masses canceled), so I guess we'll be expanding her movie horizons at home instead. So that'll be my social isolation birthday weekend for the end of March. Luckily I'm a homebody so it isn't bothering me much (except bummed about soccer–go Sporting!)

  8. Because I'm from TN, I get to see all of those in a week usually 😂

  9. And now Disney is closed! So crazy

  10. I can’t imagine going to Disney without my kids.

  11. Looks like you guys had so much fun!! Such beautiful beaches!!

  12. Our favorite February moment was taking our 18 month old to Disney for the first time <3 I'm originally a FL girl so this was really special for me, especially since 12 of our closest relatives, my parents and siblings and their families, joined us for the trip 😀

  13. Off topic but just had to ask how many pairs of glasses do you recommend for a toddler and what brand? I just found out my 3.5 yr old needs glasses.

  14. I'm so glad you two were able to go on such a fun trip- and just the two of you! You definitely deserve it!

    In February I earned a Work from Home promotion which is WONDERFUL news because we also found out last month that I'm pregnant with Di/Di twins!

    So.. February was a great month!

  15. I love the songs you pick. Could you please do a self tanning routine or a self care routine.

  16. I'm a little late to this video, usually I watch as soon as you put one up! #notificationsquad lol! Natalie, you looked so beautiful in all those clips! Weston is do handsome and funny. And omg those beaches and oceans! I would love to see that some day. I'm do glad you guys got a couples vacation, thank you for showing that it's okay to do things just by yourselves sometimes and that it's important for your kids to see that! ❤

  17. We were going to Temecula but we had to cancel.

  18. this vlog was soo fun i havent been back in Disney for years! also so glad you and Wes got to get away for a bit yall definitely deserve it!!

  19. Natalie, you are absolutely glowing! My toddler got hand foot and mouth disease this month too… on his last day of daycare before I pulled him out to start my maternity leave! All in all I am thankful for God's timing that I was able to be home with him, having just finished working, and the baby hasn't arrived yet, so less risk of contagion! God is good!

  20. Weston seems to be so fun to be around with 😀


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