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Exciting Disney Cruise News, More Vaccine Mandates & MSC Seashore Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Learn more about this week’s cruise news here:
– New MSC Cruise Ship Seashore Renderings:
– Crystal to Require COVID-19 Vaccine:
– Exciting Disney News for 2022:

This week, Managing Editor Chris Gray Faust announces big news for Marvel and Star Wars fans from Disney Cruise Line, as well as new mandatory vaccine requirements for a well-known luxury cruise line and the latest on MSC Seashore, MSC’s newest ship, arriving in Miami in November.



  1. What about princess cruises?

  2. Your only allowed on our cruise if you accept Antibody-Dependency Enhancement……let's see……go on a cruise and be dead within 1 to 2 years or not go on a cruise….hmmm.

  3. Vaccine mandatory? LOL Guess I won't be on that cruise ship. Not that I ever went on their cruises anyways so that's not a big deal. I have done 30 cruises and love them but will gladly walk away if they become mandatory and I am sure many others will as well. A 99.9% chance you will survive without any vaccine and you want to make it mandatory? No thanks. I'll gladly keep washing my hands though and enjoying my life.

  4. That's the first MSC ship I've been interested in. I like the idea of a ship that is built dedicated to warm weather sailings. As far as Covid vaccines, I'm all for enforcing all passengers to have them – at least unless the bad covid virus is magically no longer a threat. I know that is an unpopular view with a lot of folks, but they need to be good citizens to protect other pax and crew — as well as the whole damn cruise industry. I'm getting my second dose as soon as possible. It didn't hurt at all, for those who worry. So I applaud Crystal for being the first line to require vaccines. — I would love to go on a warm Caribbean cruise – with lots of sea days.

  5. Would LOVE to travel on MSC Seashore!!!

  6. I'm definitely ready for a warm-weather cruise! Heck, I'd take any cruise right now. MSC Seashore looks to be an incredible ship.


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