Honeymoon Cruise

Worst Cruise Ship Disasters!

Episode #113: Cruise Ship Movies
While vacationing in the Caribbean with his family, Jon is still willing to suffer through three awful movies… all of which take place on cruise ships, 1989’s “Going Overboard” – notable for being Adam Sandler’s first film, and one of IMDb’s lowest-rated movies… the 1997 sequel to “Speed” starring Sandra Bullock, and the homophobic “Boat Trip” from 2003 featuring an amusing performance from Roger Moore.

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• The Lone Ranger (2013) —
• World War Z (2013) —
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Tonight’s Films:
• Going Overboard (1989) — Terrible. Not even enjoyable ironically, 1/10.
• Speed 2: Cruise Control (1997) — Tensionless drivel, despite fun action, 2/10.
• Boat Trip (2003) — Uninspired amusement that’s borderline intolerant, 3/10.

Enjoyment — Dull boredom to satisfaction.
Story ———– Characters, plot, writing.
Technical —– Editing, directing, and sound.
Acting ——— Cheesy delivery to convincing talent.
Visuals ——– Cinematography and special effects.
Impact ——— Effectiveness in eliciting emotion.
Pacing ——— Appropriate tempo within run-time.
Believability — Realistic developments within context.
Atmosphere — Music, costumes, art-design.
Re-Watch —– Likelihood of a repeat viewing.

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  1. Alaska.

  2. love Speed 2 cruise control

  3. Awesome

  4. wow well done, suprising

  5. World war z: decent movie, but should have been more faithful to the source material. 6/10

  6. My destination would be the Bahamas

  7. "Click to my right" while you're pointing left. Hmmm, a minor technicality but still. You did show me three movies I'm now willing to avoid, so thank you, Jon! Oh, and a Happy New Year!

  8. Hateful comment*

  9. Ideal Cruise Destination? HELL

  10. You were on the Adventure of the Seas from Puerto Rico! I live there! 🙂

  11. Keep up makin' videos!

  12. Poll Answer: Bermuda!

  13. Great take on these nightmare cruises. But Speed 1 is one of your favorite faction films? I found Hopper too dumb as a villain. "Pop quiz hot shot" and all of that.

  14. World War Z: thrilling and engaging global action fuelled by Pitt's performance, even though it does come to a bit of a screeching halt at the end. 8/10

  15. Frozen: An amazing story defiantly more than just a kid's film, this is with out a doubt one of Disney's best films 9/10

  16. World War Z: Does a great job of building tension, even if the plot sometimes stumbles. 8/10.

  17. CRUSIE Control… Good post-production Jon. snicker snicker

  18. Why did you wear your suit in the intro?

  19. Speed 3: Escalator Escape. Hell, ya, I'd watch that!

  20. No Poseidon on a Cruise ship review !!!! 

  21. clears throat I don't take cruises but I'd love to sail on QM2 to England! Speaking of are you gonna review Sinking of Lusitania Terror at sea and Britannic one day?

  22. Speed 3: Escalation

  23. I will never set foot on a cruise ship.

  24. DO MORE is it a good idea to microwave this?

  25. Good shit Jonny boy!  The original Speed really is one of the best (if not the best) action movies of all time.

  26. The Lone Ranger:Funny moments and action packed. But no cohesive writing and awful pacing takes out its magic. 7/10

  27. The Lone Ranger: Funny moments and action packed. But covoluted writing and awful pacing takes out its magic.

  28. Lone Ranger:  Not as bad as reviews led me to believe.  Not a masterpiece but worth watching at least once, if only to form your own opinion about it.  7/10

  29. world war z it maybe different to the source material in alot of ways but that said the film is action pact and very original and surprisingly well acted all of which are a rarity in the genre 7/10 

  30. lone ranger relying to much on effects and stunts, not enough effort was put into the poor and unoriginal plot that really hurts the film 4/10

  31. World War Z:  Exciting at times, but ultimately it's just another movie about zombies that doesn't make much sense and left me feeling slightly confused.  5/10

  32. I kind of want to see "Speed 3: Elevator Escape" now

  33. I'm going to criticise every movie I review and give this a 1.


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