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BougieMiles Spill the Tea: United Changes & Airline Status w Spencer

#BougieMiles quarantine Inspired Series “Spill the Tea with Bougie Miles” is a talk show themed interview with your favorite travel bloggers, influencers and podcasters to help you get through the pandemic boredom. This week Spencer Howard from Straight to the Points and 10x Travel joins Bethany (from his Qsuite) to discuss the recent changes United made to partner earnings, whether it makes sense to chase airline status, best first class and business flights and mistake fares (and why Spencer says they don’t exist :). Despite Spencer’s better judgment he agreed to play Rapid Fire and Plead the Fifth and we had a lot of fun and laughs with it. Make sure you subscribe to his newsletter-it’s amazing! (

In this Episode:
2:09 Rapid Fire
7:30 favorite premium airline experience
9:15 sleeping in airports
10:01 Spencer’s celebrity crush
13:02 (coal men youtube)
15:30 Favorite mileage program
16:39 Uniteds’ Changes to Partner earnings
19:01 why elite status doesn’t really matter
23:01 How does Delta always board on time?
26:30 business travel
28:30 Alaska Status?
30:01 error or mistake fares?
34:35 Dave Ramsey
38:18 Plead the Fifth
42:42 shag, marry, kill

You can find Spencer at:
Twitter: spencerformiles

Bethany models her new series after Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo. So glad to be able to share my YouTube chat with Mark where we discuss the latest travel news and credit card trends.

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