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Norwegian Cruise Line sent a proposal to the CDC to resume cruising starting in July on April 5th. It is now April 18th, and the CDC has still not responded. When will the cruise lines and the CDC come to terms to restart cruising in the U.S.? In this latest cruise news video, we offer the latest CDC Cruise Updates and give you our take on when we will begin cruising again in the United States.

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0:00 Introduction to CDC Cruise Update
0:40 Norwegian Cruise Line Contacts the CDC
4:25 Cruise Lines Meet with the CDC
8:15 Congress Gets Involved
12:00 When Will Cruises Start Again

On Thursday, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings CEO and Chairman Frank Del Rio sent a letter to the CDC asking for a formal and prompt response to its Sail SAFE proposal. This proposal requests the CDC to revoke the current Framework for Conditional Sailing Order. Among the safety and health protocols NCL proposes for its initial sailings is mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for all guests and crew. Of course, there are additional procedures, such as required face coverings.

It is evident from the recent comments that the cruise line executives are getting frustrated with the CDC. There appears to be a lack of communication and collaboration between the government agencies and the cruise industry.

Embedded in that letter was the revelation that the cruise lines and CDC met earlier in the week to discuss a path forward. Details of the this meeting were not made public until Thursday.

To get more insight, CLIA sent an update to its executive partners regarding this meeting. In this listening session, the cruise industry was able to air its concerns about the current order. Those in attendance argued that the current requirements are too burdensome, and the cruise lines are not able to meet these specifications. They reiterated their call to have the Conditional Sailing Order altered or removed.

As part of the conversations, the cruise executives also argued that there have been great advancements in the science of fighting COVID-19. Among these medical enhancements are testing capabilities and the roll-out of vaccines. Plus, the cruise lines discussed current sailings and the success of cruise line protocols in other parts of the world.

This CDC cruise news is a good first step, but we need some concrete timelines and action items to keep the momentum going.

While the CDC and the cruise lines were hashing out details, members of Congress decided to get involved too. On Tuesday, senators from Florida and Alaska introduced the CRUISE Act. This legislation would revoke the Conditional Sailing Order. The provisions of the bill would enable cruising to resume by July 4th. Still, the HHS and CDC would retain oversight powers and be able to regulate cruising to mitigate the possibility of spreading communicable disease on cruise ships.

Just days later, other legislators sent a letter to the CDC director. In this communication, lawmakers pleaded to keep the current CDC cruise guidelines in place. Of course, this call for the CDC cruise ship regulations to remain in effect ignores all the current findings that cruising can return safely.

It appears that some progress has been made between the CDC and the cruise lines. Still, we hope that there will be new cruise guidelines soon. With an update to the current CDC restrictions, it is possible that cruise lines will be able to resume cruising here in the U.S. by July. Otherwise, it seems very unlikely.

Stay tuned for the latest CDC cruise updates right here on the channel.


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  1. When do you think the CDC will respond? Do you think we will actually cruise from the U.S. this summer?

  2. The cdc is corrupt. Government integrity is non existent with the current administration

  3. And if the CDC doesn't allow them, or get with the program and let them know what to do, the cruise lines are going to start operating in non-US ports. US citizens will fly to those, then fly home. What exactly does the CDC gain in disease prevention from this, all the while doing continued harm to the economies of so many? How much safer could a cruise possibly be than requiring vaccines and tests? This is ridiculous.

  4. Our Honeymoon is booked for July in Hawaii…worried that this won't happen. Considering an All Inclusive somewhere but holding out until then.

  5. I guess I am not going on a cruise then

  6. Nothing new.

  7. Excellent, Excellent report and breakdown of the present situation. My opinion is that the CDC is a joke and could care less about the cruise industry. Just look at their actions. Actions speak way louder than there rhetoric.

  8. I agree with Unashamed – CDC only cares about government control. I’m sick of this abuse of the cruise industry!

  9. Like one commenter said they don't give a dam about us the hell with cdc.

  10. We all want to get back to cruising from US ports. The problem is that the cruise lines could not get together and come up with the CDC's original idea of providing a hospital ship, a quarantine ship, a third ship for doctors and staff to live on and transfer tenders between the three. Which would have kept any future outbreak on a cruise ship off shore. Now with 400,000 passengers and only 10-50 covid cases, what are the cruise lines afraid of providing ? The new 'technical agreements' are not as good at keeping future pathogens from coming on shore, but at least they allow the cruise lines to negotiate with on-shore institutions to handle an outbreak individually. But no, they are too "onerous", "unworkable", etc. Looks like there is a stalemate, no cruising from US ports until the cruise lines agree to take over the cost of caring for 50 passengers or crew per 400,000.

  11. Cruising is not in .The Great Reset plan. They got to keep the pandemic going.

  12. i think cdc will allow large cruiseship when usa achieve herd immunity.

  13. Greatly appreciate your thorough, well ordered analysis.

  14. If Alaska has anything to say about it, the safest place in the world is Alaska and on a cruise we have done great with other industries like the fishing industry.

  15. The Cruise industry is DEAD unless they donate MORE $$$$ to the Democrat party.

  16. It's ALL about control. The current American Democrat dictators will not let up. Just look at how they handle the THOUSANDS of illegals streaming across our southern border.

  17. As a crew member of the Engine Department which is still on board, We are ready whenever the cruise ship is allowed sailing, and We will welcome you soon

  18. When politicians get involved you can be certain nothing will get done.

  19. And many Americans beg for dysfunctional government agencies to take over other parts of our healthcare. This is exhibit #1 for the case against that. The CDC has NO ACCOUNTABILITY and makes political decisions.

  20. If the CDC doesn't work with the cruise industry they will most likely leave the US and relocate there Caribbean cruise fleet permanently to somewhere else in the Caribbean

  21. what good is any of us speculating whether the cso will be terminated? if the cruise lines themselves cant get the cdc to see reason on this then all speculating will do is just falsely get hopes up. if theres something we can actively do to get cruising going again we should probably expend our energies on that – whatever it might be

  22. If NCL is so sure that it can start cruising 'right now' then I don't understand why they haven't started in other countries yet. I was glad to see that after my NCL Jade trip was cancelled for July 2021 that the ship was given a new itinerary. I would think the other countries would be easier / better to cruise out than the US so I don't understand the emphasis on the US. I'm concerned too that NCL has said that it would only require vaccinated passengers until Oct 31, 2021 because I think that this provision should stay on for a lot longer, maybe a year or two more. Also, I don't understand why so many people think that the CDC will allow cruising to start on Nov 1, 2021 as opposed to the 'ban' being extended. I am hoping that my NCL trip in November 2021 from Europe will happen and that the cruise ships don't mess up our chance of cruising by then by not being aggressive enough with keeping the ships safe from passengers who care more about their 'rights' than their responsibilities to everyone else.

  23. There is absolutely no indication that the CDC will do anything to lift or adjust the CSO. They are waiting for HHS to allow the health emergency declaration to expire, which would lift the CSO. That way they can't be blamed if something goes wrong. As we know, HHS just renewed it for another 90 days. Given the vaccine rollout, it is possible they may not renew it from July 21 onward which would then remove the CSO.

  24. The CDC are bullies!

  25. Just let us cruise vaccinated. What’s the point of it all if vaccinated people STILL can’t gather? When can we gather then? Especially if not all are going to take the shot. How long do vaccinated have to wait? Crazy! I’m new…Love your show!

  26. The numbers are still too high in US to allow cruising. They will not approve it.

  27. NO not going to happen with B utt head Biden addmistration; Follow the science can find their way out of a way paper bag for travel Let vaccinated passengers travel if they chose. After traveling out of country I can say they are very careful to protect clients.

  28. The CDC head said she considers cruise ships like prisons, as long as this thinking prevails it won’t change. No sailing in the foreseeable future

  29. Thanks, DB. Excellent video, as always, and very thorough. To answer your question, no I do not believe cruising will resume from the US this summer. Basically for all the reasons you stated, no response to Del Rio, no updating of the CSO, and now two more legislators trying to stop things. It’s nothing short of shameful that the CDC hasn’t even bothered to update its guidance regarding cruising, they’re still stuck in a spring 2020 mindset, as if nothing had changed regarding case numbers, testing, vaccinations, and onboard protocols. We got tired of waiting, so two days ago I booked a cruise for me and my wife on the NCL Gem departing from the Dominican Republic. Enough is enough.


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