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What it’s Really Like to Do a Milford Sound Cruise Under the Rain – New Zealand's Biggest Gap Year

Day 147: Today we are seeing the wild side of the 8th Wonder of the World on a Milford Sound Cruise under the heavy rain and winds! See what it’s really like to do Milford Sound in the rain as part of our 365 Days: 365 Activities in New Zealand.

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We are in Milford Sound and it’s raining! It’s raining so so much! Nevertheless, our Milford Sound Cruise with Real Journeys is still running despite the wind and rain so we are keen to check out what it’s really like to do Milford Sound under the rain!

We board our Nature Cruise with Real Journeys in Milford Sound and everyone huddles in the sheltered viewing areas. We head straight outside and get ready to embrace the elements!

The gales feel like they nearly blow us off the outside deck, but we are our here listening to our nature guide gives us facts about the flora and fauna of Milford Sound, while we’re being blown around. The amount of waterfalls in Milford Sound are incredible during the rain.

We had a blast experiencing Milford Sound in the rain! We really saw a fun and epic side of Milford Sound!

So what do you think of doing a Milford Sound Cruise in the rain? Would you still go on a Cruise of Milford Sound in the rain? LUK in the comments!

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— New Zealand Biggest Gap Year —

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  1. Hi guys. In planning our trip, we really wanted to see Milford Sound. Watched your videos Day 146 to 150. From what I researched, there is only one place to stay -Milford Sound Lodge. Unlike you, we won't be renting a camper (smart move on your part). The cheapest room at the lodge is $615.00/night. That's crazy. In watching the videos, I'm left with the feeling that a visit to Milford Sound is a roll of the dice (climate wise). Is it possible to tell people that you've seen New Zealand without ever have seen Milford Sound?

  2. Great video, loved it. I'm going on Monday and the weather forecast is for torrential rain 🙂

  3. WaaaA it's a very nice place.I want to go there🥰🥰

  4. Wow.. That's a stunning video captured by you guys. Which month of the year was this?

  5. Is that a black cat with yellow eyes hugging the hind flipper of a fur seal @4:20?

  6. Are you guys on their smallest vessels? As i noted that Real Journeys operate with a smaller vessels at 11am & 4.15pm (Nov~Mar) Any advise to choose on the vessels for Nature Cruises?

  7. Yes we had a lot of rain 🌧 last week when we where in New Zealand 🇳🇿 and this week it’s hot…so I totally understand 👍

    That is amazing!!! It is on our bucket list to go on a cruise and see the waterfalls

  8. Was only sunny when I went, I'm kinda jealous, rain would've been better… oh well, I live in Christchurch so I can go down again another time and experience the rain there 🙂


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