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What's New At Disney's Magic Kingdom! | New Jungle Cruise Update, Snacks, Tron & A TV Show Taping!

In today’s vlog we head to Disney’s Magic Kingdom to see what’s new at the park this week! We check out the new castle embellishments for the upcoming 50th anniversary. The castle looks awesome and I really like the ribbon and gem details. Then we head over to Adventureland to take a ride on the Jungle Cruise, where we get to see some of the new updates to the ride. They’ve taken out some of the animatronics to prepare for the new storyline and characters that will be added to the attraction. They’ve taken out the characters that were being chased up the pole by the rhino and they’ve also taken out Trader Sam’s animatronic. We also talk about what the new storyline is and who the new characters are. We also try some new snacks after our ride. We had the new pot stickers from Sunshine Tree Terrace, which were so good! Then we finally try the I Lava You float, which isn’t a new snack but it was our first time trying it, it was also pretty good! We end the day with a look at the Iron construction progress and a look at some new merch on Main Street USA. As we were headed out of the park we also saw them filming for an upcoming episode of American Idol. Today was a great day and I had a lot of fun just taking everything in, I hope you had fun joining along! Thank you for watching and we’ll see you tomorrow with a new vid!

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  1. Does anyone find that mobile ordering is faster than waiting in line? I've never used it but I thought I may try it on my next trip.

  2. Adam is the prince’s name. Not sure how people found out but that’s what it is.

  3. The only way I would go back to Disney World would be if Trader Sam was returned to the Jungle Cruise . . .

  4. I wonder how many times they’ve filmed the backside of water in a vlog

  5. So nice hear those words are back now it's time to pay the price

  6. love watching your videos!!! going for my very 1st disney vacation in 2022. im hoping things will be back to normal by then. but until then watching your videos gets me super excited for my trip.

  7. Where did they move the art store to?

  8. So what happened to all the beautiful art that was for sale?

  9. That second dress what ugly as sin. Lol

  10. Those Mickey shoes are terrible 😫 my feet sweat, they rub, I blister. Waste of $50.

  11. I think everyone's heart skipped a beat when Tim almost dropped that stained glass X)

  12. What the name of that mask ?? Where did you buy it ??

  13. I believe the "drapery" on the castle is called bunting.

  14. ty

  15. Yes, my daughter asked Prince Adam if that is his name when we met him prepandemic trip. He confirmed his name.

  16. Hunter Metts Fans! The moment you're looking for is at 24:10

    Thanks for the video! What a cool moment you've captured! It will probably be aired on Sunday's episode at 8pm on ABC, vote for Hunter everyone!!

  17. Hi how long will the 50th decorations be up for we don't visit till May next year x

  18. My go to keep up with Florida channel ! Thank you for the great content from always sunny Scotland !

  19. Did anyone else say,’ Hi Ena! ?

  20. I believe the draping around the castle is called sconces. Love watching the videos.

  21. this video made me feel a lil bit of Disney magic again. Like things are starting to get back to normal. Thank you Tim and Jen for bringing the magic to us when we can't get there

  22. Nothing special for Earth Day at MK?!

  23. Tim, if you’d ever like to do a video on Disney and DAS, I’d love to show you, I’m an AP. I was in an accident in 2019 and now have to use DAS. Disney does a great job. It hurts to be hurt and have to use it, but Disney does a good job. I am grateful.

  24. My daughter LOVES the Charley style Native sandals. She wore them our entire last Disney trip with no complaints!

  25. Tim, you should find out who does the fiberglass for the drapes on the cinderella castle and maybe take a tour. There are so many little things like that made for Disney and I'm curious which businesses create things for Disney.

  26. Tim, you should find out who does the fiberglass for the drapes on the cinderella castle and maybe take a tour. There are so many little things like that made for Disney and I'm curious which businesses create things for Disney.

  27. Love the updates as always. Pot stickers look great! Like for real, not a cold in the sky 🤣

  28. thank you for showing us some Jungle Cruise bits! I love all the Skippers' jokes, and it's my favorite ride ^^
    I'm really happy that it's getting these new changes too – i'm gonna feel SOOOO much more comfortable riding and enjoying it with certain imagery gone haha

  29. Tim, thank you so much for showing how they operate the wheelchair lift. I have a wheelchair bound son and this is perfect information I need 🙌🏽

  30. The changes to the Jungle Cruise are so cringe.

  31. @TimTracker. When do find time to work if you are at the parks several times per week? They are not that exciting for a grown ass man. We live in Florida as well and attending a few days a year is fine by us.

  32. I'm curious do you do voiceover at the house or is your commentary happening as you record? Do you wear a mic if you do it live?


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