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Darude Groove Cruise Miami 2013 report #3

Groove Cruise Miami 2013 report #3; Mark Knight making the pool crowd wild! My sets on Saturday pool closing 9.30-11 and on Sunday at the closing party at …



  1. Darude your awesome :3
    Eventhough I'm just 15 and didn't listen to your music in the late 90's, my friend was a big fan of yours. His dream was to become a DJ…but he died of drug overdose. He inspired me to keep his dream in me…I'll try to achieve what he has left behind He was like an older brother to me

  2. one more question. If you came to Atlanta to perform where would it be?

  3. I love playing for all kinds of crowds who are willing and able to party with me. Big crowds can feed you energy just because of the sheer masses of people, small crowds because actual closeness via eye contact, high-fives, actual physical interaction, feeling warmth, smelling sweat 😉 Both great, all great!

  4. do you like perfoming on cruises or on regular stages better?

  5. One of the things they say about Groove Cruise is that it's like "a Spring Break for grown-ups". While I didn't grow up in the US, I've spun numerous SB parties, and I can confirm that statement, but I really have to accent the 'grown-up' part. Don't get me wrong, people are going completely bananas, but there's very little so called teen drama onboard this ship! 🙂

  6. it almost looks like Spring break a little early.


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