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13 Mediterranean Destinations with Pastor Bryan Hughes | Living Passages Christian Travel

Are you ready to join Pastor Bryan Hughes on a journey through the Greek Islands? You won’t find an itinerary like this anywhere else. We are traveling through 12 different destinations, 6 different islands, stops on the Turkish and Greek mainland, and all of it for just $3,499! As if that weren’t enough, Pastor Hughes will accompany the group throughout the entire tour, providing insight and leadership as you travel from breathtaking spot to breathtaking spot.

13 different Greek and Turkish destinations:

Crete – Rhodes – Santorini – Athens – Patmos – Mykonos – Samos – Ephesus – Corinth – Berea – Thessaloniki – Neapolis – Phillipi

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Imagine following the footsteps of both Jesus and Paul, watching the Bible come alive with your own eyes, and lodging in exquisite boutique hotels around the world. What if you could cruise the turquoise seas of the Mediterranean, stopping to see sights etched in Biblical history that most people have never heard of outside of Biblical passages? Picture yourself walking among powerful creatures such lions and elephants in South Africa while diving into the Bible’s account of creation. We bring you the top scholars in biblical archaeology and history to educate and inspire you along your journey.

Living Passages is a Christian cruise and Biblical tour company with over 25 years of experience in Christian group travel. We know the ins-and-outs of booking the finest accommodations, offer authentic locations other tour companies don’t have access to, and specialize in making your inspirational experience safe and seamless.

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