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Back to Back Cruises | Why they are one of the BEST ways to cruise!

Back to back cruises are a fantastic way to maximise the length of your holiday with as little hassle as possible. They also allow you to experience more ports and itineraries than you could on just one cruise.

Watch the video to learn more about back to back cruises and why they’re one of the best ways to cruise. Have you done a back to back cruise before?

I cruised on a back to back voyage on Radiance of the Seas, starting with a 14 night cruise to New Zealand from Sydney return, and then an 8 night cruise to Hobart, Adelaide and Melbourne, returning to Sydney again.

The next back to back voyage on my radar is an Azamara Mediterranean adventure for 22 nights, starting in Lisbon, Portugal and ending in Civitavecchia, Italy for Rome.

I hope you enjoyed learning more about back to back cruises. If you have any questions or comments, please let me know below. If you haven’t already subscribed I would appreciate if you could!

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  1. i would love to fly to Florida and go to disney/universal then go on a cruise round the Bahamas then a transatlantic to england then stay on to go to Norway so it would be 6 weeks or something

  2. This was very useful. Thank you!

  3. I've done a few back to backs..but never done a b2b2b …

  4. OMG!! If only I could afford to do that!! Sounds heavenly.

  5. I Would like to Do a Back To Back On Princess Royal Class Or Holland America Line Pinchole Class

  6. am doing a back to back next year..Auckland to Wellington and back, then an 80s theme cruise…I will be in different rooms but basically next to each other.

  7. Do you get a discount for taking a second or third cruise in a row?

  8. Ok, sold!!! Looks amazing Adrian.


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