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Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas 5D4N Cruise to Nowhere | Balcony Cabin

This video is not an Ad/Paid Promotion.

This video is for those interested in finding out what the Balcony Cabin is like on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas cruise ship and also what the ship has to offer on its cruises to nowhere.

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~ Cruise Review ~
Stay Period – Mar 2021
Vessel – Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas
Duration – 5D4N
Room Type – Balcony Cabin

NOTE: As our trip was during the pandemic period, our experience may differ from the norm on board this cruise ship.

00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Boarding
00:49 – Balcony Cabin
02:34 – Contact tracing
02:46 – Exploring Quantum of the Seas
03:41 – Bionic Bar
04:02 – Exploring Quantum of the Seas
06:18 – Main Dining Room
07:57 – Other dining options

Brighter Days – Markvard & Kvarmez
New Dawn – Vendredi
Travel with Us – Vendredi



  1. Hi! I’ll be the first group to board too for my upcoming cruise. May I know if you recommend we take early lunch before boarding? Or would lunch be available already?
    Also can I check if I should print out the sail pass?
    Thank you!

  2. Would you know if the HDMI port is accessible in the stateroom TV?

  3. Hi , for the booking of activities and restaurants do we book via the RC app before we board the ship?

  4. Might book a cruise for Jan 2023. Hopefully back to normal by then?

  5. Is food and beverages free in the cruise i mean included in the cruise package 🙂

  6. Hi tks enjoyed yoor video as we are joining tomorrow, just a small q, whats the purple band as i see some restrictions to entry

  7. Hi, very nice and detailed video. Btw, can i ask whether the production shows at the royal theatre available to all guests or only for suite class members?

  8. Nice review with smooth background music and clear but not too loud narrative! By the way, the food you ordered are complimentary right?

  9. how much is the cost for 1 person (only cruise fee) ?

  10. Hi, how much USD would you recommend to bring?

  11. Hi, which floor would u recommend? Which section of ship is good?

  12. Did you enjoy the Royal Carribean cruise or dream cruise more?

  13. Very nice video. What was your stateroom number?

  14. Singapore is open for business!


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