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MSC Meraviglia Europe Cruise Review: Malta

We are in Valletta, #Malta today, and it’s day three of our incredible MSC Meraviglia Mediterranean Cruise.

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Wow! What a fun time we had in Malta. It was an incredibly beautiful morning to sail into port. We’ll start off the video with some breathtaking footage of our approach to Malta. After a relaxing morning and pleasant breakfast in the Yacht Club, we head out for our adventure. We booked a super fun excursion through a company called Rolling Geeks in Malta. Basically, Rolling Geeks are electric cars (or golf carts), complete with pre-programmed GPS systems that not only take you on a tour of the Three Cities area of Malta, but explain what you’re looking at via an equipped loudspeaker. We affectionately named our speaker “Big Brother” because it always knew where we were. And speaking of that, the Rolling Geeks office always keeps an eye on you, and lets you know if you are getting off track. We had a blast on this excursion. There was so much to see, and cruising around in those little golf carts was a terrific way to do it. It wasn’t all driving around for us though. We were able to stop and have a fantastic lunch, complete with postcard worthy views, and outstanding food. We also stopped at a lovely spot that was perfect for photographing Malta. From there we could see just about everything, including the MSC Meraviglia. We got some awesome photos! It was an unforgettable day in Malta, and Rolling Geeks was certainly the highlight. Once we were back on the beautiful Meraviglia we explored the ship, danced a little, caught a dome show, and headed back to our spacious cabin for the night.

There’s MUCH more to come on this journey as we continue our European cruise to, Barcelona (Spain), Marseille (France) and Genoa (Italy) so STAY TUNED! If you missed day 1 in Rome and day 2 in Palermo, be sure to check those videos out too.

DISCLOSURE: We were guests of MSC on this sailing, however our opinions are our own, and we were not paid or compensated in any other way by MSC during this voyage.
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