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Canada Part 13 | SIMPLY STUNNING Glacier Bay | Alaska Cruising

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Difficult to know what to say about the next day on board ship. The highlight is a cruise into Glacier Bay, one of 63 National Parks in the US. Visitors are strictly controlled and only certain ships are allowed into the bay. The weather gods shone and the landscape was simply stunning. Sorry for the long video, but I had hours of footage it was just so beautiful.

Join me and my motorhome, Bentley, as I travel around the UK and explore some, hopefully, fascinating places. I love castles, coast, countryside, hillforts and just being out and about. Bentley is my first van, a 2010 Bessacarr E540 motorhome. Bought in December 2019 it had done only 16,000 miles and is in immaculate condition. I intend to add a few more miles and I hope you can follow me on my journey.

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