Australia & New Zealand Cruises

WRC 4 FIA – Shipman's Australia Stage – Evo IX Shakedown Cruise – Cockpit & Outside View!

Give the main picture a minute, it has to synchronize with the in-car view.

The driving here isn’t super fast, or super clean, but hey, it’s my first attempt, and I sure am glad I finally gave this game a shot! Based on the forums it was hard to tell if this was an arcade game, or a simulator. After this drive I feel it’s certainly more simulator than arcade. I used an X-Box 360 controller to get around the track, and it worked very well.

This game is very reminiscent to Colin McRae 2005… a game that I have revered for many years as the best rally racing game ever. Is this one better? I dunno after only one race… but maybe? 🙂


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