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AUKUS Cruise Missiles – Peter Zeihan Hypersonic Missiles

AUKUS Cruise Missiles – Peter Zeihan Hypersonic Missiles

Where in the World: Home, and Cruise Missiles
By #Peter Zeihan on September 20, 2021
“The United States and United Kingdom have shouldered out the French in a deal to supply #submarines to #Australia. And not just any submarines, potentially #nuclear-powered submarines. #France was poised to ink a deal worth more than $65 billion for sale of its diesel-electric subs. The deal comes as part of a new alliance among the three anglophone states— #AUKUS —and will see either US or British-supplied subs to boost Australia’s role in upholding maritime security in the Indo-Pacific.
Second Clip features Barnaby Joyce and Drew Thompson from the BBC podcast – NEWS HOUR

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