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Cruise Around Doubtful Sound, New Zealand | Nothing Fancy, Just Enjoy the View from the Bridge [4K]

Kia Ora! Today’s video is not a walking tour of New Zealand but a cruise around Doubtful Sound!

It’s day 2 of our overnight cruise around Doubtful Sound. Check out the day 1 video ( to get an idea of how we got here, see the tour of the ship, and enjoy the views from the outside.

Nothing fancy in the recording of this video. I just placed the camera in a spot on the bridge of the ship for about an hour as we head back to Lake Manapouri.

We started the day early to experience the sunrise in Doubtful Sound. Unfortunately, it was cold and windy at that time, which was also the reason why I decided to stay on the bridge. And yes, the bridge was open to all guests, provided they behave, of course.

Near the end of the video, the crew takes us to a very secluded area of Doubtful Sound. They then shut down everything so as not to make any kind of noise and just soak in the sound of nature. They call this part of the cruise “The Sound of Silence.”

Finally, in case you’re wondering – yes, there is also a Milford Sound overnight cruise. Hopefully, I get to make a video of that as well, soon.

Hope you guys enjoyed this cruise around Doubtful Sound, New Zealand. Be sure to subscribe if you like to see more New Zealand virtual walks and slow TV stuff.

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