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Miami Boat Cruise⛵️//Boca Chita//Elliott Key//Fowey Rocks

My first time Driving through Miami I met 2 guys named Gio and Emilio through a YouTube comment. They invited me over and we got along great(couldn’t shut up about our vans!), we just clicked! I ended up convincing Emilio to go to Dry Tortugas with me, after that he went back home and I stayed in Key West for another week. On my way back up I stopped back by their place for a couple more days. We finally found a day where the water wasn’t too bad to go out on and we had to do it!! Emilio’s the one that made it happen, he’s the one with the boat! Gio decided he could hold off on studying for a day and we were off!! We went to a bunch of cool spots and since they were local and have been out many times they knew all the good spots. We went to Fowey Rock lighthouse first. When we got out of the bay and into the ocean it got CHOPPY. I was hangin in there tough but started to feel sick towards the end, but lucky by that time we were getting back into the bay and it calmed down a bunch. The light house is sweet! its pretty far out and it was built in 1878. Its super cool! The water is so blue too. Then we went to Boca Chita Key, which is actually part of Biscayne National Park. Its a cool island with a lighthouse which we luckily got to walk up and we hit a couple trails while we were there. Super clean water and overall a very clean, its paradise honestly. After that we went to Elliott Key which is also part of Biscayne National Park and is the Northern Most Florida Key. This is another Paradise too!! Very clean water and very few people. We cruised the boat around for a while and saw Stiltsville which are little buildings that were built in the 1930’s. Some were used for gambling and a place to have a drink during the prohibition era. Theres a lot of history here and they are very old, amazing they are still there with all the hurricanes that have hit them!!! Overall this day was a BLAST and couldn’t have done it without Emilio and Gio!!(they both have VW vans!!)



and ME

Im driving my van to 50 States and all the National Parks!! I left home on Jan28 2020 and everyday get closer to achieving my goal!!

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I started uploading this video at Starbucks in Ormond Beach, FL and finished uploading at Daytona State Collage.

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