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We Boarded THE LARGEST CRUISE SHIP IN THE WORLD (Wonder of the Seas)

We have just jumped on the world’s largest Cruise ship – the Wonder of the Seas as we head out on a 7 night Mediterranean cruise starting right here in Rome, Italy.

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0:00 Intro: We just boarded the worlds largest cruise ship, the Wonder of the Seas
0:34 Who is Flying the Nest? (Stephen, Jess & Hunter)
0:58 How to get from Rome to Port of Civitavecchia
1:30 First Impressions of the Wonder of the Seas
1:54 Checking out the Buffet on the worlds largest cruise ship
2:55 First Thoughts on our Balcony Room
4:42 Checking out the Pool deck
5:11 Ziplining on the Wonder of the Seas
5:56 Unpacking our bags for the week
6:08 Cocktails from the Lime & Coconut Bar
6:41 INTENSE Aqua Show
7:41 First night aboard
8:14 Waking up in Naples, Italy
8:39 Touring the Amalfi Coast, Italy
9:48 Lemon Sorbet in Amalfi town
10:48 Pizza in Italy
11:12 Boat Tour of Amalfi Coast
11:45 Tour of Pompeii Museum & Ruins
14:12 Back on Board the Wonder of the Seas
14:15 Towel Animal on our bed
14:35 First Thoughts of our First Night on a Royal Caribbean Cruise
15:09 Rising Tide Bar experience
16:04 Wonderland Restaurant Full Experience
12:19 End


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Hi, we are Stephen, Jess and little Hunter, a travelling van life family who self-converted their dream house on wheels – we now live full-time in our Sprinter van called Cooper as we do a full lap of our home Australia.

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