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ONEFOUR – Cruise Control (Official Music Video)

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ONEFOUR – Cruise Control [Official Music Video]

Mix & Mastered by @i.amsolo 

Directed by Matt Wilson
Produced by Vanaka

DOP – Aaron Bull
1st AC – Aman Sharma
Gaffer – Del-Ray Fruean
B Cam – Riyan Manakau-Zahab
Photography – Nickeh
BTS – Josh Mifsud
Editor – Matt Wilson & Riyan Manakau-Zahab
VFX – George Buford
Colourist – Marcus Friedlander
Intro Titles – George Dooley

Special thanks to Gabriel Gasparinatos


[Intro: JM14]
(Imma put this shit in cruise control)
Imma (put this shit in cruise control)

[Verse 1: JM14]
Ay, Imma put this shit in cruise control
Ill pour me a double cup
New year new me, Ima put it down
But i think of V and i double up
I see OP’s while pulling up
(So let me put that shit in cruise control)
Fucking Spenny pass the smoke
Lets show them boys whos in control
Don’t tell me bout them do’s or don’ts
They slip they copping lead
Fuck that I heard bout what they said
Keep spinning back till somethings dead
No options here we’re tagging toes
If you go missing no one knows
I guess that answers the question
To why we get no fucking shows
That’s why I put that shit in cruise control (Ay, Gang)
Clock that back and watch him losе his soul

[Verse 1: YP14]
Straight from that yard
I can’t chill I’m in that field out on parole
I told JM don’t get mе no strippers
Bro I want a pole
What’s with that side all holding hands and shit
Like this shit getting old
Cross that line, I don’t care bout who he is
He paid a toll
All I hear is cap so lets bring back the facts
I’m still smoking that Tino pack
Bro what is this, how good is this
Still with them shooters they ain’t thinking twice
Bro gone let it slap
They don’t care bout where they at
They just care bout getting back

[Verse 1: Spenny14]
Get me tipsy for ??
Them boys some 60s turn them Ricky
When I’m reaching for my heat
Been in a pub with all the crims
So you can say I’m in the mix
I’m like a camera man the way that I be shooting all these clips
So I just put that Glock in cruise control
Clean it up and get it sold
We don’t play no games round here
Boy this shit ain’t no Super Bowl
Come through like your stick
And we gone have your family digging holes
No I can not slip ??? poke
I can not ever fold

[Chorus: JM14]
That’s why I put that shit in cruise control
Clock that back and watch him lose his soul
That’s why I put that shit in cruise control
Time to show that side whos in control

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