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Montreal Videos 005 Cruise

Port of Montreal, St. Lawrence-

When visting this city in Canada recently, there are many things to do, and wonders to see. There are sections of the city where major building projects are happening. The skyline is a spectacular view with many high rise buildings.
Touring the Port of Montreal, we found out about the man made islands created by using the dirt from digging the Metro. The islands made on the St. Lawrence are man made wonders that prove that humans can change the climate to benefit humans. Climate is evolutionary, Montreal has evolved into an amazing modern city.
Massive underground city of Montreal is amazing, created for the benefit of all. Modern Metro trains have revolutionized travel around the city. Many of the Metros are connected with tunnels leading to many businesses and shops underground. Many hotels are connected into the system. Staying at some of them you could avoid going outdoors to move about much of the city.
Festivals and events during the summer are fantastic. Restaurants of every culinary culture are on the streets of the city. There are US and Canadian chains, but there are many more diverse choices of private ownership that thive and serve up spectacular food as well. Menus often have so many choices that it is hard to choose just one entree.
When in our hotel, the fitness facilities are second to none and offered an amazing view of the city. I have taken many photos of the Port of Montreal and the city during our visit. I am posting some videos from outdoor programs which I took. They are only a small fraction of what we saw.


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