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Miami River Yacht Action – Only The Top Made The Cut – Yachtspotter

Note: I will be doing a live feed Saturday at 6:00 pm on the Miami River.

Take a look at some of the top Yachts I saw this Saturday on the Miami River – After spending a couple of hours on Haulover Beach Inlet with more than 10 cameramen filming the same thing I decided to go to one of my favorite places the River in Miami and my decision paid off. I filmed on two locations and I saw some really nice yachts. Tomorrow’s video will be from Miami beach and there I also captured a few nice ones…. One that I really like and you are going to enjoy is a Pershing 8X and another Pershing 90 leaving behind an awesome rooster tail. If you like the content I bringing to this channel let me know by leaving a comment below that helps a lot…Thanks!!!

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