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P&O Cruises App. Learn How to Use the App Before You Cruise. Cool Features, Navigation & Essentials

P&O Cruises have introduced a new app to help you navigate your way around your cruise. In this video we show you what is inside the app as well as the important features of the app that would be handy to know as well as very important to know.

You can see what’s happening around the ship at any time, you can book your lunch & dinners at restaurants that require it, and you can also message your fellow cruisers (goodbye walkie talkies!).

The app connects to the ship’s wifi so there are no data charges incurred by you. (But make sure to turn off your data roaming so you don’t accidentally get hit with astronomical charges from your mobile provider).

What do you think of the new app? Will you use it much or are you “old school” like us who prefer the paper copy of the “Good Times”?

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