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Embarkation Coral Princess 16 June 2022 @Jules Cruise Companion

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I’m sitting in my car I’m on my way to a cruise.

I’ve been busy all morning recording every little step that I have done.

Getting dressed and brushed my teeth and did my RAT test etc.

Now I am about to go and have a second breakfast because I had some egg on toast let’s top that off with a Krispy Kreme

On the way to the park and ride before I head to the cruise terminal.

This is my crazy day for my first cruise on Coral Princess.

I’ve arrived early at the park and ride, that’s okay.
It wasn’t an issue for them, they’re just going to fill up the first bus and there’s about five or six of us ready to go on Coral Princess today 16th of June 2022.

It will be exciting with the next vision will be the cruise terminal

Hello (to the staff)
Very well, thank you (to the staff)
Thank you (to the staff)
Touchdown (while doing a happy dance)
We have a touchdown (on entering the atrium of Coral Princess)
Thank you (to all the staff)

So now I’m on-board Coral Princess, I will watch my muster video, I’ll go to my master station which is on the back of my stateroom door.
I will start my three days of relaxation by meeting new friends and catching up with some old friends Gill and Steve.

Stay safe everybody and happy travels @Jules Cruise Companion


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