Honeymoon Cruise

Finding Travel Clients Doesn't Have to be Scary | KHM Today

Welcome to a spooktacular episode of KHM Today. You may have to worry about the Monday blues, but not the Wednesday blues because we are LIVE every week!

Ashley Newton, our Halloween extraordinaire, filled in for Carolyn while she was out on her first river cruise. Never fear though, she joins us for a quick chat filled with fun and a little bit of learning.

In the spirit of Halloween, we cover some history in one minute!

One of the hardest parts of starting your own travel business is finding travel clients. Ashley Clark-Julvesan, a KHM Travel Group Agent, and Matt Wahlgren with the Education team, share what has worked for them.

Can you think of anything more fun than a themed cruise? We can’t. Matt stays with us to talk about the difference between a true themed cruise and just themed nights while cruising. He also shares three popular examples that travel agents can make commission on!

It wouldn’t be a true Halloween show if we didn’t end it with some delicious treats and a trick to make a bat out of a napkin.
1. Shred cheeses – mozzarella and sharp cheddar
2. Prepare dough – pinching the seams and flattening (flip over and repeat)
3. Prepare cooking sheet with non-stick spray
4. Use cookie cutters to cut shapes – two for pepperoni people and don’t forget optional heart cut out.
5. Fully prepare pepperoni people by stuffing with mozzarella and pepperoni and using a fork to seal the sides
6. Take shapes and fully stuffed pepperoni pocket and bake for recommended temperature for 5 minutes. Ghosts and pumpkins should not be topped
7. While they are cooking, melt butter (I did 3tbs and had plenty left over)
8. Add fresh minced garlic (I did 6 small cloves)
9. Add herbs and spices (I did Italian herb blend and basil)
10. Remove pan from oven and add garlic butter and cheese to the cut outs (mozzarella for ghosts and cheddar for pumpkins)
11. Cook for 4 minutes then remove ghosts and pumpkins.
12. Give pepperoni person another 2 minutes.
13. Optional – add eyes and blood drops using hot sauce or marina sauce
14. Optional – make bones out of left over dough – DO NOT roll or treat like cookie dough, it gets weird.

We hope you had a fang-tastic time and didn’t find our jokes to be too candy-corny! Join us next week for an important episode to discuss what you need to know about the upcoming deadline for the Real ID! See you next week!

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Opening Sequence = 0:00 – 1:19
Carolyn LIVE from her Riviera River Cruise = 1:19 – 8:45
Introduction Halloween History in a Minute = 8:45 – 11:24
AskKHMToday: How do I find travel clients? = 11:24 – 29:57
Matt’s Compass: Themed Cruise Sailings = 29:57 – 42:48
Poll Results: Halloween Destinations = 42:48 – 44:05
Garlic Ghosts, Pepperoni People, and Pumpkin Puffs = 44:05 – 52:03
Making a Napkin Bat = 52:03 – 55:52
Closing Remarks = 55:52 – 57:24


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