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The Real Reason Why People Can't Stand Tom Cruise |⭐ OSSA

More and more people are complaining about Tom Cruise’s inappropriate behavior. He offends regardless of gender, age and social status. Many suspect that Tom Cruise went crazy after he became religious, but there are malicious actions in his biography even before he discovered Scientology. But what really made Tom Cruise so aggressive?

Today OSSA is going to tell you why there are so many Hollywood celebrities who can’t just stand Tom Cruise for his violent behavior and if there is any reason for him to be so aggressive! We will tell you about the terrible incidents with Tom Cruise, which were reported by his girlfriend, Leah Remini and the actor’s former manager, Eileen Berlin. Why did Tandive Newton describe her work with Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible 2 as a nightmare? What did Tom Cruise’s crew say about the ill-fated War of the Worlds promotion? Why was the US Navy so mad at Tom Cruise because of his behavior on the set of Top Gun: Maverick? How did Tom Cruise’s skirmish with supermodel Brooke Shields end, and why, after talking about his ex-wife, Nicole Kidman, did Tom Cruise literally go pretty hard on the 60 Minutes Australia journalist?

We’ll also tell you about Tom Cruise’s childhood and adolescence, and his relationship with his parents who struggled with their son’s dyslexia, and why, due to Tom Cruise’s talent and height, other children and teenagers at school were not very nice to him! So watch this OSSA’m video to find out why Tom Cruise behaves himself in such an inappropriate way!

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