Mediterranean Cruises

Norwegian Spirit Cruise – Athens Greece Excursions – Day 4

This online video collection highlights the twelve day Mediterranean Cruise. I made these video clips so other folks know what to anticipate on sightseeing when they go on excursions. We made the most of our time striving to see as significantly as possible. I hope these video clips enable. If there is a way I can make these better you should let me know so I can system for future vacations. Links for every day are outlined underneath. Thank you!

Day one Venice Italy Connection:

Day 4 Athens Greece Connection:

Day five Ephasus Turkey Connection:

Day 6 Istanbul Turkey Connection:

Day seven Mykonos Greece:

Day 8 Tour of NCL:

Day nine Naples Italy:

Day ten Rome Italy:

Day twelve Barcelona (Sagrada Familia architecture spelled out)


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  1. Did u guys bought the tour from the cruise or from local tour in Athen?


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