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Carnival Cruise lines reroute four ships to stay away from Irma

Carnival Cruise Lines announced it has rerouted four ships out of the path of Hurricane Irma. The storm has been upgraded to a Category five hurricane with speeds in excess of 185 mph. In a statement, Carnival reported, u0022We are carefully checking the



  1. Just my thought. Carnival Cruise Lines are not afraid of the Hurricane infested waters right now. They dnt want to refund tickets. People don't want to travel. Knowing well in Advance the path Irma was heading before it happened. Why did Carnival not step up n say we have room? Let's go get everyone off the Islands. I've been on their cruise n know first hand they had way more accomidations to handle several islands instead of leaving them in Irmas path. I am so sad for all those people n knowing we have done nothing for them except worry bout Fla is killing me with anger n disgust!!! Florida is not the only ones affected by this for God's Sake!!!!!

  2. Category 5? First Harvey & now this this – God bless America.


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