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Differences In Caribbean Cruise Destinations

All Caribbean cruise destinations offer the same types of things, right? Wrong! If you know what you want in your Caribbean cruise, you can use this guide to help you choose the perfect destination for your Caribbean cruise. It’s important that you know what different parts of the Caribbean have[…]

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Grand Celebration Cruise Ship Video Tour

Read our review here: A video tour of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line’s new refurbished cruise ship Grand Celebration. The ship was originally built for Carnival Cruise Line in 1987 and was the last Holiday class ship. source

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Where did the FOOD go from the EMPTY CRUISE SHIPS?

Talk to anyone who has been on a cruise ship, and chances are they’ll mention the food. With food, in most cases, available around the clock aboard a cruise ship, and multiple options of where to eat and what to eat, cruise ships usually have A LOT of food on[…]

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