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Royal Caribbean Cruise Day 6: Barbados

Barbados was our Day 6 of my Southern Caribbean Cruise. Barbados is way more industrial than the other islands and much more touristy, though it does have direct flights from Heathrow Airport in England, so there were plenty of English people around the island. We explored a cave, the coastline,[…]

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Royal Caribbean Perfect Day at CoCo Cay Construction Update March 27th, 2019

UPDATE: 4/22/19: 3/27/19: There’s a lot of work going on at Royal Caribbean’s CoCo Cay Island – A popular stop on many shorter cruises with RC out of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Port Canaveral. I had a hard time finding a recent update with actual progress on the construction[…]

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Cruise Vlog: Day 1- Embarkation Day!!!

If you wanna know what’s coming in the series check out the preview here ––uoufOc42M Hey guys welcome back! Sorry I literally haven’t made a video in months!!!! Welcome week of PACE felt like summer camp and gave me no real idea of the stress and work load of[…]

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How it looks inside Cruise Ship | MSC Seaside

Take a tour on board MSC Seaside, the ship that has changed the world of cruises. 19 decks, 2,066 cabins, and many new exciting features to make you feel closer to the sea. Get on board and start your journey to the future. #cruiseship #ship #cruise #travel #adventure #tour ⚓️[…]

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